NorthShore Squares

Our Caller: Bruce Holmes

Bruce Holmes calling

Bruce Holmes is the instructor for NorthShore Squares lessons.  Bruce has spent much of his life teaching. He taught Aikido at Northwestern for seven years, a folk dance group in Evanston and Chicago for about a decade and for several years gave juggling workshops. He's a triathlon coach certified by the US Olympic Committee, was the coach for Oakton Chess (taking the team to two state championships), coached AYSO soccer and was a teacher of the Feldenkrais method. He still sells a CD containing 48 of the Feldenkrais Lessons.  Bruce is the author of two SciFi novels, and an award-winning singer/songwriter with two CDs out (both charted).  He first tried square dancing when he was eleven. Fifty-nine years later it's still the most fun he's ever found.

Bruce is a member of Callerlab and the Intermediate Class instructor for Glenview Squares.